Bethany Clemenson

My Biggest Fan

The above picture is of me with a resident in the first senior living community I opened in 2007. I had NO idea what I was doing but surrounded myself with people who had “can-do” mindsets and together we grew… Continue Reading →

Buffet Perspective

  Small talk for me is like walking through fire with gasoline drawers on. Ok, maybe that’s a bit of an extreme exaggeration but my dear friend Holly used that expression years ago on a girls weekend and it makes… Continue Reading →

Helping Businesses in Eastern Iowa

Last week, I had the opportunity to meet with Barbara Rawson and Erica Bergfeld-Reed at the Kirkwood Training and Outreach Services Center in Marion, IA.  I learned that Kirkwood offers corporate training and event services that include a wide variety… Continue Reading →

Talking Company Culture with EDC Founders Group

It was so much fun speaking about company culture with the Cedar Rapids EDC Founders group last month.   The EDC is a community-sponsored business accelerator that focuses on supporting businesses with their seasoned team of executives who provide specialized… Continue Reading →

Culture is not just a buzz phrase…

An organization has a culture, even if its leader doesn’t “believe in all that touchy feely stuff.” There are lots of definitions available for Culture, but I think of it as the shared understanding of how jobs get done and how people work… Continue Reading →

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