An organization has a culture, even if its leader doesn’t “believe in all that touchy feely stuff.”

There are lots of definitions available for Culture, but I think of it as the shared understanding of how jobs get done and how people work together. In essence, it’s the personality of the organization.  Some organizations prioritize compliance and consistency, while others prefer individuality and autonomy. Neither is wrong, it’s just a matter of defining what works best for the organization.

Many organizations underperform when they lack that shared understanding. The leader may have one idea of how things are, but team members may have a completely different perception. So how do you determine or change your corporate culture? Start with an assessment of where you are now, and then build on the strengths that you already have (your people!).

In my engagements, it always starts with The Values Conversation: an exercise in determining what really counts in life and leadership. We conduct The Values Conversation with individuals to reveal who they are at their core and what they are doing with their life. Then, we gather the leadership team and collaborate to discover their shared values and the team’s vision and mission. At that point, you can grow a culture that supports the values of your team and the group’s mission.

While this doesn’t always mean holding hands and singing kumbaya, it always moves the team toward better communication, stronger relationships, and clearer understanding of how everyone contributes.

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