The above picture is of me with a resident in the first senior living community I opened in 2007. I had NO idea what I was doing but surrounded myself with people who had “can-do” mindsets and together we grew to become a solid team. To build great teams we have to select the right people and in my opinion, those people need to have an abundance (can do) mindset. This mindset means we overcome obstacles easier and stay encouraged because we believe that we are only limited when we believe we are limited. We are truly only limited by our thoughts and that’s where our mindset starts. EVERYTHING starts with our thoughts….but that’s a whole other topic.

Back to the photo….

Maxine Looney is the resident pictured with me. She moved in not long after we opened. She and I connected from the moment we met and her children declared that I was an “adopted sibling”. Maxine’s life was changed for the better because she lived at our community and our lives were changed too. She frequently left notes on my desk letting me know she was praying for me. She wrote poems of encouragement and played the piano around 7pm most evenings..if I was working late, I would sing along to the old familiar hymns. Sometimes I would find a dove chocolate with a signed note that said, “from your biggest fan.”
When I was promoted and began traveling, she would send me daily emails with encouraging words and as the years went on, the kids and I continued to visit and Maxine filled our cups with more encouragement and love.

I had the privilege of sitting at Max’s bedside as she made her journey home. I held her hand and thanked her for being my biggest fan…for seeing the best in me…for loving me and my family like her own. Maxine loved me unconditionally. She knew I wasn’t perfect but loved me anyway. She demonstrated agape love to me.

We have such an opportunity to love people in our daily lives, both at work and home. I know that’s a little touchy feely to think about at work but businesses are built on meaningful relationships and being kind is where it starts.

I want you to be reminded that it is really important to love each other. It’s so incredibly easy to get caught up in deadlines, quotas, and tasks of the day (which are all important) but at the end of your life – you will NOT ever talk about how many quotas you met, loads of laundry washed, or number of hours you worked….you will talk about the people and memories. If you are a faith-filled person, you will talk about that too.

I’d like to challenge you to:
1. Check your mindset. Are you a person with an abundance mindset? If not, you can change that😊 (John Maxwell has some great things to say about this topic.)
2. Are you an encourager? A #hopedealer? Everyone could use encouragement and hope but we can’t give away what we don’t have. If you don’t have these qualities, you can change that too. It all starts with your thoughts.

Want to know more about this? Connect with me- I’d love the opportunity to help you discover and live out your full potential.

We get this ONE life…let’s get after it.