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I had the privilege of hearing Bethany speak at a local women’s leadership conference. She was warm, witty, real, and in her element. She spoke with such passion about living life intentionally and prioritizing the things that have eternal significance first. I left convicted about where I should be spending my time and talents. I believe she made a connection with each and every woman and surely let her light shine.


Wife, Mother, Encourager, Leader, Ministry Assistant

I attended a leadership conference and was asked “What are your priorities?” Then after naming them off I was asked if were given a notepad to write down how you spent the last 24 hours-would it show? My answer was NO, my daily activities do not reflect my priorities. Ever since that day I knew changes needed to be made. This perspective changed my entire life and I am forever grateful!


Business Owner

I truly believe God led me to Bethany. I needed released, encouraged, and shown His grace and love. I’m a new person. She gave me the tools I need to live my purpose. People comment on how happy and relaxed I look.


Bethany was a terrific speaker for our sales training. Our goal was to motivate and provide growth opportunities for our team. She was engaging and got the team to interact and we had a terrific session. The reviews from the sales team were very positive and we will be having Bethany back to continue on our team journey of growth, motivation and development to perform at a high level.

Beth Huck

Vice President Sales and Marketing, Christian Homes

I had the amazing opportunity to work with Bethany for over 2 years. Bethany provided support and guidance to me in many difficult situations. Her warm leadership skills make it easy to reach out and connect. I have jokingly (not really joking) compared Bethany to my version of Linus’ (from the Peanuts cartoons) blanket. With his blanket by his side, he sure feels more secure and relaxed. That is what Bethany’s mentoring has provided me, a safe and secure place to go for guidance. Sometimes that guidance is simply to be reminded that I can handle whatever obstacle is in my way and sometimes, well, it’s a bit more complex. When Bethany told me about starting her own company, I was overjoyed for her. This is her path and I’m thrilled more people will get to experience Bethany through B the Light Leadership. The world will definitely be a brighter place!

Tiane Hennings

Executive Director, Windsor Manor Assisted Living in Shenandoah, IA

Bethany Clemenson has considerable experience and success in defining and cultivating successful organization culture in an industry where people and culture are critical, and conditions can be the most challenging.   She brought that experience, along with very practical and actionable advice, to our Consumer Goods Founders Group.   Her insights and coaching were extremely valuable and we are grateful that she shared her time with us!

Julie Zielinski

VP of Marketing & Strategy at EDC